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Prompt recommendations.
Not sure what to write? No problem! Get a prompt recommendation by specifying a level like beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and something you're interested in.

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AI Correction Summary.
AI technology is really good at correcting mistakes learners make. Fluentli takes this further by providing a detailed summary of each correction, your CEFR level, and most common mistake type.

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Progress tracking.
As you submit writing assignments, Fluentli will track your CEFR level, average mistake count, and help you see your progress over time.

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Level-Up Versions.
After seeing a corrected version of your writing, you have the option to create a "Level-Up Version." This re-writes what you wrote in your own style, but at a slightly higher level. It is great for learning new words and phrases!

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Listening Practice
After you receive corrections on your entry or a Leveled-Up Version, listen to it read to you with a natural sounding AI.

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Fluentli's Mission

Help people achieve the seemingly impossible

Starting any new challenge is hard. With dedication, your future self will be doing what your today self sees as impossible. This transformation is what we live for, and we want to help you every step of the way.

Highly personalized language learning centered around individual needs to express

This is what Fluentli is all about. Everything we do is centered around the belief that language is fun when you can express and understand what matters to you. Technology is helping us create a self-guided world of language learning that brings you to center stage.