Finally, language learners can get amazing answers, with audio responses!

Isn't it annoying when you have a language question you really want answered, but can't seem to find the answer anywhere?

Forget the textbook. It probably isn't there. If you've got a teacher, perfect, but do you see her every day?

Even if you ask the communities on major language learning sites, too many of the responses you get seem more like they came from a dating site…

And then, even if you do get an answer, wouldn't it be nice to hear how the language sounds so you can practice it?

Well, Fluentli is the first question and answer style site specifically tailored for language learners like you. We've got an audio record button right in every answer so that any speaker of that language can provide you with audio of the things you want to say.

We're also committed to becoming the most helpful language learning community out there. But don't get us wrong. By 'helpful', we don't mean boring. We want our users to have fun and be creative with how they learn, as long as the focus stays on communicating in a foreign language. After all,that's the best way to learn!

If that sounds like you, take a second to sign up and join our community.

About Fluentli

Fluentli is a community site based around a Q&A framework that's been designed specifically for language learning.

While other language sites have forums, they're only text based. However, on Fluentli, each answer provided has a record button so that you can also hear how the answer is supposed to sound. Any number of users can record the same answer, so you can practice listening to a variety of speakers.

You can also save great questions to your favorites list, or you can create custom lists, called Language Packs, about a specific theme or topic.

You can even download any recording you'd like to save for practicing later. Downloading audio requires credits, but credits are earned when you do things on the site like ask questions, give answers, or when you're responses are liked. If you need credits now, you can always purchase them in a bundle, or get a subscription plan so they are refilled every month.

When you're learning a language, all kinds of questions come up. You might just have a grammar question, or you might just want to ask open ended questions in the language you're studying to hear a variety of possible responses. We encourage you to be creative, and ask any kind of question as long as it is obviously helping you communicate in a foreign language.

We really need your help to make Fluentli the best language learning community. If you see a question that is not about communicating in a foreign language, please flag it to let us know.

Together, we can keep the focus on you and your need to communicate so that Fluentli can help you learn to say what you want, when you need to say it.

Special Thanks to Our Earliest Supporters

We made Fluentli to encourage more people to learn a language, and to give them a place where they can learn by communicating about themselves with others. Learning a language is like discovering a completely new world. It's a feeling and a journey that enriches your life in ways that everyone should experience.

That was the motivation behind creating Fluentli, but wouldn't have been possible without the early support, both financially and mentally, from the friends, family, and strangers listed below who shared our vision. Thanks to everyone below! Fluentli wouldn't be here now without you!

  • Aaron Myers

  • Brad Wagner

  • Daren Swanick

  • Dylan Hackett

  • Ellen Depee

  • Gordon Bayless

  • Jon Brooks

  • Kim Hoover

  • Lorenzo Scontrino

  • Megan Hill

  • Misako Yoke

  • Noriko Ujino

  • Sara DiStefano

  • Shoji Fujiura

  • Terrie Lloyd

  • Tom Richardson

  • Tomoko Young

  • Tranque Fuller

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a help forum?

    Yes, you can find our help forum here, and submit questions there as well. Please take your time to browse around there to find the answers you're looking for.

  • Can I record audio answers on my mobile device?

    For the time being, mobile browsers are limited in their ability to record audio with HTML5. While this is expected to be an update from the major browsers over the next months, we're currently working on a solution to this problem.

  • If I start a subscription plan, can I cancel anytime?

    You can cancel your paid subscription anytime by visiting the credits page and clicking the appropriate button. You can also upgrade or downgrade to a different plan.

  • Are credits refundable?

    No, credits are not refundable. There is more info about credits on our Terms of Service page.

  • When will you open more language communities?

    We want each of our communities to be full of real people, posting valuable questions that lead to natural communication in a foreign language. To ensure the best quality possible, we need dedicated users like you who will help us monitor the content being posted. If you think you'd like to help with quality control in a specific language that we don't offer yet, please contact us with the button on this page. Include in the title, 'Community Manager for Language'.

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