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Writing Prompt Recommendations

One challenge when practicing writing is not knowing what to write. Fluentli can provide you with a writing prompt, or topic, after you choose a level, a topic, and a word length.

You have the following options when asking for a writing prompt recommendation. Each one is optional so you also have the option to let Fluentli choose randomly.

  • Levels. Choose either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Topics. Choose a topic from several options. The 5 most popular are currently: Basketball, Piano, Hiking, Photography, and Running. You can always contact us to request any topic you'd like to see!
  • Word Length. How many words are you comfortable to write? Choose one of: Short, Less than 100 words, Less than 200 words, Less than 300 words, Less than 400 words, and Less than 500 words

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Writing Prompt Examples

Let's look at example writing prompts for different levels.


Topic: Family Life

Word Length: Less than 100 words

You get writing prompts like:

  • Write about your favourite family member. What do you like about them? What is a fun memory with them?
  • Write about your family. How many people are there in your family? What are their names? Do you have any pets?
  • Describe a normal day in your family life. What do you do together? What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?


Topic: Family Life

Word Length: Less than 200 words

You get writing prompts like:

  • Compare and contrast family life in your home country to that of a foreign country you are familiar with or interested in. What are the similarities and differences?
  • Discuss the role of traditions in your family. What are some traditions that are important to you and why?
  • Write a short story about a memorable family dinner. It could be funny, dramatic or heartwarming. What happened? Who was there? What made it memorable?


Topic: Family Life

Word Length: Less than 300 words

You get writing prompts like:

  • Discuss the challenges and rewards of raising children in today's society. Use persuasive language and clear arguments to make your point.
  • Imagine you are an adult talking to your teenage self. Write a conversation about the importance of family. Use complex sentence structures and idiomatic expressions.
  • Write about a memorable family gathering you've attended. Describe the setting, the people, and the interactions. Use advanced vocabulary to express emotions and reactions.

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