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Isn’t it time to learn what you want to say, when you need to say it? With both text and audio answers, you can now learn a language naturally by asking how to say what’s important to you.

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20% of language you need for 80% output

Be Active in Q&A

Ask, answer, and vote on the best answers in any of our language communities. Get help on your biggest communication problems.

20% of language you need for 80% output

Downloadable Audio

Answers on Fluentli contain audio to help you practice speaking and listening. Download the audio with credits you earn from submitting questions and answers.

20% of language you need for 80% output

Personalized Learning

Save questions and answers to a language pack. You can easily review them any time. Create your very own personalized language text in the languages you are learning.

How our Q&A helps you learn a language

We believe in personalized language learning because every individual has different needs. However, trying to create your own peronalized content is a challenge. That’s what our community is here for! By asking the right questions, you can create materials specificaly for you.

20% of language you need for 80% output

Focus on Communication

When you focus on your own need to communicate something, you are quickly able to learn the 20% of the language you’ll be using 80% of the time. This is something a course designed for millions of learners simply cannot do on an individual basis.

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Learn Grammar You Need

When most courses think about the grammar they teach, they usually think about what is easy and difficult. But when you ask how to communicate something relevant to you, you will be introduced to new grammatical constructs. By focusing on those that come up the most, you will learn the grammar you’re going to be using most of the time when you communicate.

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