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leila valipouri leila valipouri (0) on 14/07/13

Please correct my mistakes and give suggestions to my story:

My name is Emmy and I'm a fashion model. Everyone knows me because I've attended many fashion shows. When I go out, all the people look at me. They ask me to take a picture with them and sign ----------- for them so they can keep it as a memory. I like my job because I think that being famous is a lot of fun. You can make lots of friends and be invited to many different kinds of parties. You can get many things without having to pay a cent for them Isn't that exciting?



Great grammar, I have a couple of suggestions though. In the sixth sentence you say "you can make lots of friends...". Though this is incredibly common and used by most native English speakers, it is actually wrong. The correct grammar is "you can make a lot of friends...".

In the fourth sentence it is best to say "They ask me to take a picture with them and for my autograph so they can keep it as a memory." An autograph is simply a signature of a celebrity. It can be used as a noun or an adjective. You can ask someone for their autograph, or you can ask them to autograph something for you.

Check out my recording for the two grammatical suggestions as well as some examples.



leila valipouri leila valipouri (0) on 20/07/13

Many thanks Patrick. But I can't download the audio. I don't know what is the problem.

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