Would you be so good as to explain these things?

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 23/05/13

Hello, I'm sorry, I have many questions.
I'd appreciate if you would answer me when you have time.

1. I'd really like to know what this man is saying at 3:32 on this video. I've already asked some English speakers but they said they couldn't understand what he said. ( I wrote three links, but the phrase is the same.)

Sorry, I have some questions on the lyrics too.

2. I couldn't understand what "I wanna piece of the world" means. Does it mean like "I want to experience this world"= "この世界を体験したい"?

3. I tried translating "Is it a matter of taste? ". Which Japanese translation do you think best?
"All the money I waste, is it a matter of taste?"

4. Does "You get one in a million" mean like "You get only a little=君はほんの一部を手に入れた" or "I've had a very rare experience. =君はめったにないことを手に入れた"?

>You can't give me a reason, I don't need one to shine
>You can't give me the feelings cos they're already mine
>You get one in a million and if the sun won't rise
>On my soul, then I'll glow

The last lyric (glow) isn't clear. Some say it's "I'll go", but others say it's "I'll glow". However, "I'll glow" seem to make sense.


I'd like to know what the chorus singer Ed in the back is saying. It starts from 3:00. While the lead singer Thom sings "Bullet Prooof, proooooof, the chorus singer sings something.
I tried to find the lyrics but it seems that there was no description about it on the internet.
I've already asked some people but they had multiple answers.
For example, "I came storming in, storming in, come on, stand up, stand up", "come in. slowly drift. stall me. come on. stay in. stop it." and so on.
To my ears, the first one seems to be correct. I'd like to know what you think. Anyway, the lyrics which Thom wrote are quite intriguing.



1. I think it sounds like he's saying, "and watch them turn their world around."
2. "I wanna a piece of the world" means he wants to make something matter, to own something.
3. Do you want to translate this to Japanese? That would be better to ask in the Japanese community.
4. "One in a million" comes from the phrase "one in a million chances," which means you only have one chance for success.

Sorry, I can't seem to make out what they're saying on the second video.

Hope that helps!



Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 26/05/13

Cool, thank you very much. I appreciate your good answers! 90's Brit pops are awesome. Singers are pretty and good lyrics. OK, thank you!

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 26/05/13

My pleasure :)

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