What's up? and How are you?

Shigeko Ishikawa Shigeko Ishikawa (0) on 08/07/13

Is "What's up?"saying in only in the USA? Is it using in the UK also? And is "How are you?" never saying in the US recently? Is it true?


"What's up?" is very common in the US and Canada, but it is typically more informal and used with friends. A simple "how are you?" is just as common and something you would say to strangers.



Patrick Haley Patrick Haley (1) on 08/07/13

Also to correct your grammar in your original question, you say "Do they say it in the UK also?". : )

Shigeko Ishikawa Shigeko Ishikawa (0) on 09/07/13

Thank you Patrick, for your kind answer and corrections. I have been to England for one year, and I never heard "What's up?" in there. But a book about English says, No one use "How are you? and I'm fine thank you." in recently, it is just using in class room in Japanese high school in Japan. The author is American, so I wanted to know that his writing is true or not in the US. Now I understand the situation using "What's up?", thank you very much indeed. Shigeko

What's up is not used much in the UK.

Also to improve on Patrick's corection: better still to move also to :

Do they also say it in the UK ?



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