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What is something unique to the community you live in now?

Karen Nishiyama Karen Nishiyama (0) on 02/04/17

Please tell me about something that makes your town or community unique. Is there something famous there? Do people celebrate a special festival? Those kinds of things. Thanks!



The city where I live in Japan, Kochi, has a very energetic dance festival every year from August 9-12. According to this website, Yosakoi is one of the tenth largest festivals in Japan. 

Dancers dress in colorful costumes that identify their team, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. They also carry little wooden clackers called 'naruko'. All the dancers dance to a slightly different rendition of the same song, but the dance choreography is unique to each team. Most of the dancing takes place at several street locations around the city, with a few major stage locations.

Thousands of people go out to line the streets to watch the dancers dance down the street behind large decorated trucks that also carry the musicians performing the music. Observers buy food and drinks from food stalls, and enjoy the festival for hours on end, despite the extremely hot and humid summer weather – everyone is a sweaty, dripping mess! All the energy in the city during this festival, however, makes it a really great experience to have.



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