What is hello and goodbye?

Anthony O'Neill Anthony O'Neill (0) on 26/07/14

What is hello and goodbye? - basic phrases for this would be helpful



Hello - Salute / Bonjour

Goodbye - Au revoir



Gregor Troubat Gregor Troubat (0) on 24/01/15

Hello - Bonjour Or salut (casual) Goodbye - Au revoir Or à bientôt Or salut or you can also use the english "bye" (both casual) See you later - à plus tard, à tout de suite (sense of immediacy) Or à la prochaine (casual) Or à plus (very casual) Farewell - Adieu (Connotation of never seeing the person again, literally "to god")

For "salut" it's without the e :-)

Basic sentences for saying hello are usually:

"Salut, comment ça va?" - Basically: "Hi, how are you?" to a friend, or at least a person you know better, who is not an "authority" to you, as your boss, or teacher, etc.

A nice way to respond if someone asks you exactly this, is simply "ça va", stating that everythings good.

"Bonjour, comment allez-vous?" - "Hello, how are you?" in a formal version.

To say goodbye, you can also say "salut" again, if the person you're talking to is a friend, but also "à la prochaine" or "à bientôt" for "see you next time/see you soon", or "à plus tard" for "see you later".



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