What have you got to lose?

Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) on 23/01/14

What's a good translation for this phrase in Mandarin (Cantonese as well if you have the knowledge and if there's a differing phrase)?

It's used to imply that in taking the risk of a specific action, there's few or no downsides, but a significant amount of upside potential.



I'm not an expert but i will try.

I think that you can do a direct translation but lose would have to be exchanged to fear or be afraid of because i feel that it makes more sense that way since it for me lose is used more like lost one's way or to lose an object. You would hear lose as in defeated more in competition situations.

你还要害怕什么? I would translate to be, what else do you have to fear.

Nǐ hái yào hàipà shénme?



postgtd Feng postgtd Feng (0) on 30/10/14

你有什么好怕的呢?or 你又不会损失什么!Although the latter probably translates better to "You've got nothing to lose". Both translations are fairly common in conversations.

I agree with 怕什么!/没什么好怕的!



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