What does "Let it go" in the song in Disney movie, "Ana and the Queen of Snow"?

Yuko Suzuki Yuko Suzuki (0) on 12/03/14

I looked for the phrase in the dictionary, but I can't understand the meaning well.

Will you explain more concretely?



Usually we use "let it go" to say to stop worrying about something.

Think about this.

Your friend is really angry about something someone did. She has been talking about it for 30 minutes. You give some advice, but nothing is helping her.

Finally, you say, "Just let it go. There's nothing you can do about it right now."

"Let it go" can also be used to say, "don't hold back."

The song lyrics sound like this character was holding back. She was pretending to be something different. But now she will show everyone the truth. She will be what she really is. In this way, she 'let go' of trying to be something she is not.



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