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What does "doch" in "Mach doch mal den Sonnenschirm auf" mean?

Please explain the word "doch"



I am Dutch, so in my case, that would be translated into "Maak toch eens het zonnescherm af" (Dutch)

Translating this into English, I'd say: "Just finish the sunscreen already".

"toch eens" (doch mal) is pretty tricky for English-speakers, but when I hear or read this, it is my feeling that the speaker is trying to urge the other person to do something.

Now the question is whether it has the same nuance for a German speaker as it has for a Dutch speaker. Hope this helps though.



Qiou 25 Qiou 25 (0) on 15/11/15

Thank you so much Although I don't know Dutch, I can understand it now with the help of your clear explanation :P

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