What do they mean "fishes" and "dirty dishes"?

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 15/05/13

I'd like to ask about an interpretation of the lyrics of "Some Might Say".
There's a phrase that I don't really understand what it actually implies.

"The sink is full of fishes, cos she's got dirty dishes on the brain"

I guess "fish" implies odd people (not decent?) , but what does "dirty dishes" mean?
According to the dictionary, "dish" means like "ruin someone's dream", "make up a story" and "spread bad rumors" in British slang. Would you tell me your interpretation?

Here's full lyrics.



This might not be the answer you want to hear, but looking too carefully at Noel Gallagher's lyrics kind of misses the point. It seems to me that he has two important priorities:

1. The rhyme. In this case, look at the lines prior to this lyric; station, reputation. Then the lines you choose; fishes and dishes, brain, again. They rhyme well and fit to the tune perfectly.

2. The overall feeling of the song. He wants an uplifting anthem, that's why he repeats some might say so many times. However, he also wants some edge, that's why he suggests that sunshine doesn't always follow rain.

In the line you highlight, the impression is pretty nasty. Dirty dishes piling up, smelly fish there, too. We don't know who the 'she' is, but basically his word choice give us an uncomfortable, negative feeling. Then he turns this around by repeating that we will find a brighter day.

In other words, there is no need to analyse Oasis songs too far. The feeling the words give young and their 'sing-ability' is much more important. This is like a lot of Beatles songs, too. The apparently absurd lyrics allow you to make your own impression of the song.

Hope that helps!



Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 16/05/13

Thank you very much! I appreciate your kindness. It's cool you know Oasis and even know that Noel made the lyrics. Since I haven't really found that people who know about them. Yes, Noel also said he didn't make much of the sounds, so it's kinda difficult to translate Oasis's songs well. I think I could barely understand what Noel wanted to say. Noel doesn't seem to be so optimistic. His stance is basically "I'm the only person who I can trust." This idea is expressed well in the lyrics of "Wonderwall" or the songs in the album "The Masterplan". In this song, maybe he wanted to say "Others tend to say flatter unction. However, if you really would like to find a brighter day, you need to stand and make an effort in the face of adversity. There are many weird people who just say things which sound nice but they always try to outwit others. After all, things some might say are nothing but that extent. " The lyrics of British songs are awesome. They are thoughtful. I was a little tired of cheesy and childish songs in my country. lol I had been looking for good songs for a long time to train my English listening comprehension ability. Finally I could find them. This way of learning was very effective to me. My score of a listening test was only 35/50 or something, but it reached 47/50. I used to be into German, but Oasis and Radiohead changed me. Sorry, thank you very much.

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 16/05/13

Sorry, I needed to read my post again before I submitted. *I haven't really found people who know... *he didn't really make much of the lyrics

Fitzgerald Meyer Fitzgerald Meyer (0) on 01/07/20

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This song highlights the contrast between positive and negative thinking. The woman in these lines is blessed with a sink full of fish to be cooked, but she only focuses on the dirty dishes that come after the meal is over.



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