What do "pressed up to the glass​​" and "pulling off the anyways"​​ mean?

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 28/10/13

I couldn't get the meanings of "Pressed up to the glass" and "Pulling off the anyways".

Could you kindly explain those meanings to me?

Here is the context.



I can't explain the meanings, but since no one else has responded, here are the interpretations and associations that the words have for me.

"Pressed up to the glass" brings to mind an image of someone pressing his face against a window to look out. Picture a face pressing on the window glass.

To "pull off" can mean to accomplish or to carry out. "Anyway" can mean otherwise, to the contrary, despite other options, and normally isn't a noun, but it sounds like the poet here turned it into a noun, which is something creative that poets and songwriters can do. So "pulling off the anyways", could mean something like "carrying out or doing the things I probably have reasons to not do, but I'll do them anyway".

A more expert interpreter of poetry and song lyrics might have a different response...



Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 05/11/13

Thank you very much, your explanation is great!

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