​What are ways to say "to move" in Chinese?

Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) on 30/09/13

Of course, there are many meanings, so I'll just ask for a few obvious ones.

1. (intransitive) to change place or posture.

For example, how do you say:

- My body is stiff. I need to move a bit.

- The car is moving.

2. (intransitive) to change residence.

For example, how do you say:

- I decided to move to the countryside to enjoy a more peaceful life.

- She moved to China to live with her boyfriend.

3. (transitive) to cause to change place or posture in any manner.

This is like the first definition, but with a transitive modification. For example, how do you say:

- The assembly line moves the parts from one station to another.

- I moved my boxes from the table to the floor.



I may not be very good but I will try. This is how I speak casually in my country.








- Sorry, I don't understand this one.


- 我把盒子从桌"放"到地上了。(Put)

There is a different between "moving around" 动 & "moved place" 搬.



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