What are the many meanings of 嫌だ?

There was another question added using 嫌だ.

It is a term you hear a lot, but it's got so much more depth than can usually be translated to English.

What are the many versatile uses of 嫌だ? How is it used in different situations?


嫌だ can be used as: dislike, mind, the answer of no.

In conversations, I also use it as "What a bummer!" (嫌だ、it's raining again!) "No way!" (嫌だ、I said no, remember?), or as "Oh my" (嫌だ、did you bake this cake? It's amazing!) ( 嫌だ、it's so late!)

Also if someone says nice thing about me, I use 嫌だ with a big smile - means I'm flattered and don't know what to say. (Saying "thank you" immediately seems presumptuous)

Also "Oops!" "Oh, silly me!" "Good grief!" when you did something unexpectedly: "嫌だ、I forgot to bring my wallet! お財布持ってくるの忘れた!" "嫌だ、I sat on my glasses. メガネの上に座っちゃった" and so on.



Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 20/06/14

Thanks for that amazing answer, Misako! Would you say that it's used in these ways more by women? Some of those uses makes me think of how some (most girls) Americans say "shut up" in a positive way. Do men use 嫌だ differently?

Misako Yoke Misako Yoke (1) on 21/06/14

Good point! I'm certain some of the ways I explained are for ladies. Men would say "まいったな" instead of 嫌だ: "まいったな, it's raining again!" or "まいったな" with a smile or scratch his head when he is flattered. I never heard any man use 嫌だ in these ways. I think most of men use 嫌だ for just the answer of "no", expressing disliking, or he minds about it, - the original meaning of the word 嫌. As for "shut up", yes, especially young girls use "嫌だ" in a positive way a lot: "There is a big sale at the mall today!" "嫌だ、I've been waiting for it!", "I'm getting married!" "嫌だ~、congratulations!"

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 23/06/14

Thanks for that extra info! That makes sense :)

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