Using the verb "to have" in Russian

How do you use the verb "to have" in Russian? Can you give some usage examples?


That sounds like the dativus possessivus, as known in Latin and (ancient) Greek. Est mihi domus (I have a house). Tibi sunt amici (you have friends).

These languages however, have their own verb for "have", which are habeo and ἔχω, and the object of possession is put in the accusative case. So the above examples would be expressed as "habeo domum" and "habes amicos". I guess the difference is in what is being stressed: who possesses it, vs what is possessed.

Nice to see common linguistic structures across languages!



Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 20/03/15

Yes, Wouter, it's always wonderful to see that! The more languages you speak, the easier it is for you to learn foreign languages :).

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