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Does this sound natural?

Uncomfortable = 気持ちよくない

Amelia Watson Amelia Watson (0) on 23/04/15


I want to say: This chair isn't comfortable. May I please change it?

Is my sentence ok? Is there another way you would say this? Thanks!



This is going to be a bit advanced. In Japanese there is a word for "comfortableness": gokochi - 心地

So for "this chair isn't comfortable" you could say:

suwarigokochi no warui isu desu no de, kaete mo ii desu ka?


With gokochi, you need some verb, and in this case it is "uncomfortable to sit", so suwarigokochi ga warui.

For beds, you would use 寝心地 - negokochi



Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 23/04/15

Thanks for jumping in there with a great answer, Wouter! Wanted to add that it sounds advanced, but it's pretty easy if you just remember you need to add verb minus 'masu' + gokochi to talk about the comfortableness of something. Try to practice it in a conversation a few times with different verbs and you'll probably get the hang of it!

Wouter Thielen Wouter Thielen (0) on 23/04/15

Thanks, Nate! I don't think you can use "gokochi" with *any* verb, just with some. For example, "arukigokochi" sounds weird, to me at least. Also, apparently you can use "gokochi" without a verb to say something is (un)pleasant: gokochi no ii yoru - 心地のいい夜 - a pleasant night. It is a word to describe "the state of your spirit", just like the kanji say.

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 23/04/15

Right, I guess I just meant the usual verbs, but good point to remember :) That's interesting about the other usage. Don't think I've ever used it. Sounds/feels like a more poetic way to say it. Thanks again!

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