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The English writer Agatha Christie or English writer Agatha Christie

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 22/01/19

The articles of the English language are a bit confusing for those whose language doesn't have them :). 

I understand that there are different situations, but usually you don't use 'the' and 'a/an' before people's names. However, when you say, for example, 'English writer Agatha Christie', when do you put 'the' before it and when you don't do that? :) I usually say 'the English writer Agatha Christie', but I'm not sure whether I'm right. 

Thank you!



Defintely with "The" in front. English here is an adjective and needs an article with it.  I think that, if you hear the version without the article, it has been "swallowed"


Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 22/01/19

Thank you, Paul!

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