Talking about the changing weather

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 28/10/13

I would like to say something like this:

We had a very long summer this year. We also had a lot of late typhoons. Today finally feels like autumn.

Automatic translation gives me the below. How is it?

U nas bylo ochen' dolgoye leto v etom godu. U nas takzhe bylo mnogo pozdney tayfunov. Segodnya, nakonets, chuvstvuyet, kak osen'yu.



Oh, it's almost correct! I'll just give you a little bit more natural version.

V Etam gadU u nas bYla Ochyen' dOlgae lYEta ee mnOga pOzneeh taifUnaf. SyevOdnya, nakanYEtz-ta, chUstvuyetsya Osyen'.

I'll show how to pronounce each word, phrases with different words, and the two whole sentences.



Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 28/10/13

Great! I've got my work cut out for me :) Thanks a lot for the wonderful help.

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 28/10/13

I'm happy that it's helpful to you! :)

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