Romaji vs. Kana

Pat Chua Pat Chua (0) on 05/12/14

Hi! I am currently studying Japanese on my own and I'm studying via romaji, then I saw people here study Japanese grammar using kana and kanji already! Am I in the wrong track by studying grammar and spoken language over writing and reading in kana/kanji?I would appreciate if you can give me tips for a good self-paced syllabus. :)



Hello Pat-Chua-san,

though someone may find it more convenient for themselves to learn through romaji, I consider this way too unauthentic.

In my opinion, it is totally fine to start with kana. It will take some time to learn both syllable-based system. However, then you will be equipped in the same way as Japanese little kids are (as to writing).

Once you feel comfortable with kana, having already started learning grammar, vocabulary and basic sentence pattens, you will see when you feel strong enough to start with kanji. (you will need kana anyway, cause Japanese does not use kanji only, it gets combined with kana to get grammatical structures)

I did it the same way and am still okay about it. I started studying kanji properly after around a year, as I got an inkling that without the Chinese characters, the language feels somewhat incomplete. And I started loving it, it is a kind of "zen" procedure to start drawing the characters - they are beautiful and you become part of that beauty. Then you start understanding the kanji system a bit and it is a great reward tostart reading real texts.

As to syllabuses, I started with Japanese for Busy People (kana edition), having learned the writing system through some simple read-and-copy books. I don't know any other textbook so someone else miht help here in case this one would not work for you.

Hope it helped...





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