"Que + verb" as a subject. "Que + verb" comme sujet.

In the book which I'm reading, there is a expression like this; que + ind, cela~

In fact, the clause of "que + ind" becomes a subject, which is represented by "cela"

However, in the dictionary which I use, says that this use of "que" accepts only verb of conjunctive.

Then, what the author wants to say?

One possible way is that he insist the content in the clause has already become a true fact, among the conversation with readers.

I think so because in the precedent paragraph there is a sentence which starts with this expression; Que + conjunctive

Farther more, this clause is completely same as that in the succeeding paragraph, except the conjugation of verb.

How do you think?


Exemple : Il dit que venir est impossible = Il dit que cela est impossible.



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