Que decimos ?

Que decimos en español a una persona enferma?



Ya tienes razón. Dices "persona enferma" o "personas enfermas". Te lo pensaría ser "enfermero" o "enfermera", pero estos significa "nurse" in inglés. ¿Facíl no?



Patrick Haley Patrick Haley (1) on 29/06/13

Just wanted to clarify in English in case you can not understand my Spanish. In Spanish, we can typically add "ero" or "era" to the end of many words to describe someone who does whatever it is that you're talking about just like in English. Take the English word "backpack" for example. Backpack can be both a noun or a verb. "I have a large backpack" and "I would like to backpack through Egypt" are examples. To describe someone who likes to backpack you just 'er' to the end of the word. "I am a backpacker". This also works in Spanish. A backpack in Spanish is "mochila" and a backpacker is a "mochilero". "Tengo una mochila" and "Soy un mochilero". However this doesn't work for all words like "enferma". An "enfermera" is not a person who is sick, but it actually means nurse. Describing someone who is sick is different because there is no single word to describe a sick person in Spanish or English. You just say "a sick person" or "una persona enferma". However, if a person has a specific ailment or disease there is a single word. Diabetic is "diabético", anorexic is "anoréxico", hemophiliac is "hemofílico", etc. This was a very long response but I hope it helps!
Unfortunately you misunderstood my question. What I was asking about is what do people say to someone who is sick (of course in Spanish) ? I mean, how do we say "get well soon" and such phrases in Spanish :)

Josh Underwood Josh Underwood (0) on 08/04/14

Good question, I'm not a native speaker of Spanish but I would say something like: ¡Que te mejores pronto! ¡Que recuperes pronto! And if you do an image search with those phrases loads of get well soon cards come up so probably those are right. I might also say ¡Que te pongas bien! But I guess that is more informal. And I noticed "Aliviate pronto", which is something I haven't heard so assume maybe that is more common in Latin American or South America...

You can say different things:

1. "Recupérate" - "Recover"

2. "Cuídate" - "Take care of yourself"

3. "Mejórate" - "Recover" / "Get better"

Cualquiera de estas respuestas está aceptada en casi todos los niveles de formalidad. En este caso, los verbos están utilitzados para hablar de "Tú", que es poco formal. Si quisieras tratar de "Usted" ("Formal You"), tendría que ser: "Recupérese", "Cuídese" y "Mejórese".

I hope it helps and tell me if something it's not clear! :)



Muchas gracias :)

Frases que yo diría a un conocido (tono formal):

- Espero que se mejore (espero que te recuperes pronto)

- Ya verá como pronto se recupera (ya verás como pronto te recuperas)

Frases que yo diría a un familiar o a un amigo:

- Venga, que eso no es nada!

- Pórtate bien y ponte bueno!

- Ánimo! En cuatro días a correr!



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