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hello everyone ,

i find very helpful. it provide me an opportunities to meet new people and hopefully all these members are nice , well behavioral And that is the point what make me stay here.

I create this question so that (some suggestions towards improvement of can be posted.Here is what improvement i want from

I think one shouldn't receive notification email when he/she post in the question. its bizarre. please change it.It should only receive emails for daily/weekly newsletter or when somebody post in the question that one particular belongs to.

Hope the portal owner will take action immediately and do the needful.



Hello, Hello English,

If you go to the web page and click on About, you will find (on the right side of the screen, just below the place to sign up) a place to Get in Contact with the owner/creator of the website. That would probably be the best place to send messages about feedback regarding the website. You're right; Fluentli is a great website. I hope more people find it and make use of it.



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