My bike has a flat tire. Can you fix it?

Joseph Thomson Joseph Thomson (0) on 26/11/14

I got a flat tire the other day. I want to go in to have it fixed somewhere, but I'm not sure what to say.

Can you help me think of some things I might not to communicate, or what the bicycle shop staff might say?



Hey Joseph,

So you'll want to start by saying something like:


sumimasen, panku shite shimattan desu ga. shuuri ha kamaimasen deshou ka? (Excuse me, I've gotten a puncture [flat tire]. Would you be able to fix it now?)

He might say something about how long it will take, or when he'll get to it. He will probably also mention the price, or that is something you should ask about.

Staff: すぐできないけど、二時間位を待てるならできますよ。

sugu dekinai kedo, ni jikan gurai wo materu nara dekimasu yo.

(I can't get to it right away, but I can do it if you can wait for two hours.)

You: 大丈夫です。後二時間戻ってきます。いくらになりますか?

daijoubu desu. ato ni jikan modotte kimasu. ikura ni narimasu ka?

(That's fine. I'll come back in two hours. How much will it be?)

Hope that helps you out a little! Good luck!



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