Liebe freunden and liebe freund

Sophia Ross Sophia Ross (0) on 22/12/13

I recently made this mistake. I used "liebe freund" when I wanted to say "liebe freunden."

Can you help me understand this grammar? If you could provide some example sentences with recordings also, it'd be very helpful.




I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say in your examples, so I'll just give you my feedback to "dear friend/friends" in general.

  • Dear friend (gender not specified, or male)-> "lieber Freund"
  • Dear friend (specified as female)-> "liebe Freundin"
  • Dear friends (plural, gender doesn't matter)-> "liebe Freunde"
  • Dear friends (plural, ALL members are specified female)-> "liebe Freundinnen" (I'd assume this is hardly used)

I hope this somewhat helped!



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