"Lesson in Progress" Sign.

Owen Wade Owen Wade (0) on 04/06/14

I would like to put a sign on my office door that says "Lesson in Progress" in Japanese, so people are careful about entering the room while I am teaching.

What could I put on a simple sign?



Hi Owen,

A sign 「授業中」 will do the job :)

I typed it in a bigger font in here.



Owen Wade Owen Wade (0) on 04/06/14

Oh, that's it? Thank you! I was afraid I needed something more polite. How about a sign for my entrance that says "Please ring bell" -- sometimes people knock but I can't hear them -- but I'm surprised that they don't ring the bell.

Misako Yoke Misako Yoke (1) on 04/06/14

Yes, most of us understand what we are expected to do when we see the sign 「授業中」. As for the "Please ring bell", 「御用の方は呼び鈴をお使いください」 If the bell is a "modern button type", you can use 「御用の方はベルを押してください」 I found a website with the sign: On their website: 1)「御用の方はベルを押してください」(please press the the bell - it doesn't really make sense to me, but it's commonly used.) 2)「御用の方はボタンを押してください」 (please press the button) (They are free to download, although using old Microsoft Excel) Hope it helps!

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