教える vs 授ける

Helly  Lucas Helly Lucas (1) on 03/08/14

皆さん こんにちは。I know that the verb 教える means TO TEACH; to inform; to instruct and the verb 授ける means To grant; to award and TO TEACH. My doubt is, in the sense of "to teach", what's the difference between these to verbs? And when should I use them?




Helly さん、こんにちは。

  1. ■教える 教える is generally used for the meaning of to teach. Just like the word of teach, teaching English, how to drive, so on.
  2. ■授ける When we use 授ける as "to teach", it actually means passing on knowledge/wisdom/secret, has connotation of "to impart wisdom". It also sounds like someone who is "teaching" is way above the receiver's rank/skill/age (yes, age is important in Asian culture).<br>For example: 「君に私の『秘伝』を授けよう」it sounds like "I shall teach you my esoteric." With this sample sentence (without any other context), I automatically assume that the speaker is a some sort of great master or even a king, speaking to a younger/lower level of person.
  3. ■使い分け 教える can be used in any situation as meaning of "to teach", but 授ける as in "to teach" meaning limits the situation. It sounds like the speaker is a master, or speaking with an air of authority. If you are in the hierarchy way above the listener and you are giving a great secret/wisdom/knowledge, you can. But you need to be careful - it makes you sound like a great master/great higher something.Hope it helps! 役にたちますように!



Helly  Lucas Helly Lucas (1) on 03/08/14

Misako さん、どうもありがとうございますよ! それはとても 役に立ちです。

Misako Yoke Misako Yoke (1) on 04/08/14

どういたしまして、Helly さん!

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