It's fine just like that.

Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) on 10/10/13

When I buy street food where I live in China, after the food items are fried, the vendor usually sprinkles a bunch of powdery things (I'm assuming it's chili, MSG, etc.) into the food. What should I say if I don't want the vendor to do that.

What I have been saying is 一点味道都不要, but I've felt this to be a little weird. Does anyone have suggestions? The more variations, the merrier, since I'm always looking to expand my vocabulary.

Also, after I say "一点味道都不要", the vendor usually says something to me as if he wants to confirm what I said (usually, I don't understand what the vendor says exactly, lol). How would I say "It's fine just like that"? I found myself freezing when figuring out a way to say this.



There's several things you can say it.

If you don't want MSG, you can say "不要味精".

If you don't want chili, it's "不要辣椒".

"Don't put anything in at all" is "什么都不要放“.

"Don't add anything" is "不要加东西".

If it's a sprinkled powder, you can say "不要粉" or more specifically, "不要调味粉".调味 means seasoning.



Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) on 11/10/13

Ah! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the detailed response.

In that situation, you could say "不加香料,辣椒也不要".

By the way, what is the street food you mentioned there?



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