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Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 05/02/19

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Could you say whether it's possible to use the word 'feverish' to describe somebody's relationships or not? For example, is it OK to say 'They had a feverish romance'? Or are there more common adjectives for 'romance'? 

And do you use the word 'hectical' in the modern English language? If you do, can a romance be hectical?

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Is 'feverish' a good word to describe 'romance'?

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No, I wouldn't use it. It's very literary so OK in a literary context, using it for "ardent" or osmetihng else depending on the intended meaning. As for "hectical", never heard of it - "hectic" is fine.


Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 05/02/19

Paul, thank you very much for your quick answer!

bill howell bill howell (0) on 05/02/19

You might use fervid or feverish instead for fevered for romance but that is more poetic or ironic than everyday usage. Hectic is fine too

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 06/02/19

Thank you, Bill!