"In the territory" or "on the territory"?

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 23/07/13

Which preposition, "in" or "on", should be used in this phrase "on/in the territory"?



This kind of depends on the whole sentence, but Americans usually use "in."

The below are both possibilities though:

"They told us never to step foot on their territory again."

"These kind of trees are only found in this territory."



Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 23/07/13

OK, I see. So, when I mean that the territory is a surface, it's better to choose "on". If the territory is a place, then "in" is more appropriate. But most of the time, the two prepositions are interchangeable. Am I right? :)

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 24/07/13

I think you've got it exactly right, Alice.

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 24/07/13

Thank you, Nate.
Зайди в хехешный паблик вконтакте Улучши гормон счастья – тебе понравится!

An extra couple of examples :)

Don’t go committing murders on my territory.

The way she felt now—she was in unknown territory.




Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 23/07/13

Thank you, Ghadeer! Sometimes, when I see a lot of examples of using words and parts of speech, I try to make up rules for a particular word or part of speech. Sometimes, I succeed, but quite often fail :). Do you have any strategy how to create this type of rule?

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