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In German, how do you say...?

Robert Shelton Robert Shelton (0) on 03/09/17

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Is this correct:

Ich lese Deutsch besser als ich es spreche.


I read German better than I speak it.

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Is It True?

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Kiera Fletcher Kiera Fletcher (0) on 15/12/18

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Ich lese Deutsch besser als Ich spreche.

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I think so...


Dana de Jong Dana de Jong (1) on 19/10/17

It seems that "als" when talking about the past is used as a subordinating conjunction (, but now I'm curious as to whether it still functions as a subordinating conjunction when used for comparisons like here (as the OP used it). One comment omits the object "es" – but if you don't it seems like it's important to know the proper word order.

Any answers regarding this?

tibor frei tibor frei (0) on 27/11/17

This is gramatically correct, except one detail:
Ich lese Deutsch besser, als ich es spreche.

No sentence can contain 2 verbs without comma, except when its connected with a conjunction and "als" doesnt do that here.

Kelly Bayer Kelly Bayer (1) on 02/12/17


Morgan Kelly Morgan Kelly (1) on 05/04/18

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shawn jasper shawn jasper (0) on 01/07/18

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Andreas Graef Andreas Graef (1) on 23/12/18

yes the answer is correct: Ich lese Deutsch besser als ich spreche. 

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Emma  Nora Emma Nora (0) on 08/03/19

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Eliza george Eliza george (0) on 19/07/19

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