Onaka suita, I'm Hungry in Japanese

Reio Kimura Reio Kimura (0) on 11/07/13

Sometimes I heard and read people write..

Onaka hetta

Hara hetta

Onaka ga suita

Which is most commonly use and what do they mean?



Konnichiwa Reio-san,

"Onaka hetta" sounds casual;

"Hara hetta" is most likely to be used by a guy (some girls use it, although it sounds like that they are trying to be masculine);

"Onaka ga suita" is most grammatically correct. However, in a casual conversation, we often omit "ga" part, so "Onaka suita" is also used if we are talking with friends and family.

All those mean "I'm hungry", and I would use "Onaka hetta" or "Onaka suita" most often in a casual conversation :)

"hetta" and "suita" both mean hungry and interchangeable in most cases.

Hope it helps,




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