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"You are really good at..." in Japanese?

How can I tell my friend that she's really good at basketball?

What are all the ways you might say this?

Thanks for the help!


Where I am, people would probably say:

やるね! (yaru ne!)

They would say it after watching you do something, so after watching your friend you could just say in an excited voice "basuke ha yaru ne!"

This is only good with friends, though, and I'm not sure they use it all over Japan, but it's used a lot in western Japan.



Misako Yoke Misako Yoke (1) on 16/04/15

I'd say the same to good friends, やるね!or even やるね〜 In additional, I'd also say バスケ、うまいね!(Basuke, umai ne) バスケ、上手だね(Basuke, Jyouzu dane). Or just saying すごいね!(Sugoi ne) will be understood as a compliment. I'm from Yokohama; I'd also say バスケ、うまいじゃん (Basuke, umai jyan) or バスケ、うまいじゃんか (Basuke, umai jyanka) but adding 'jyan' or 'jyanka' at the end is Yokohama dialect and sounds very casual. If you want to be polite, you could say バスケットボール、上手ですね(Basketball, jyouzu desune)

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 19/04/15

Thanks for those extra tips Misako!

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