How to say, "When it rains, it pours" in Russian?

Anthony O'Neill Anthony O'Neill (0) on 05/10/13

In English, we say "when it rains its pours" when a lot of bad things keep happening in succession.

Are there similar phrases in Russian?

Would you say it like this:

Когда идет дождь он наливает



Yes, Anthony, we have some equivalents. They are not connected with rain :), but the meanings, I think, are the same.

Пришла беда - отворяй ворота.

Беда не приходит одна.



Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 05/10/13

Anthony, and a little extra information about the word 'pour'. When we use it talking about rain ('It pours'), we say, 'Дождь льёт' or 'Льёт дождь'.

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