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"Unfortunately, I don't speak Russian"?

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 08/04/15


If I am in a Russian-speaking country, but I don't speak Russian, how to say this phrase in Russian: "Unfortunately, I don't speak Russian. Do you speak English?"



"К сожалению, я не говорю по-русски. Вы говорите по-английски?" It sounds like this:

"K sah-zheh-lYE-nee-yu ya nye gah-vah-rYU pah rOOs-kee. Vy gah-vah-rEE-tye pah ahng-lEEs-kee?"



Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 08/04/15

Very helpful question and answer! Thanks a lot for teaching us!

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 09/04/15

Nate, I'm happy to be able to help you! :)

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