How to say "I want to learn faster" in Japanese?

Amelia Watson Amelia Watson (0) on 06/04/15

A Japanese co-worker was asking me about how my Japanese studies were going. I really wanted to say something like, "I want to learn faster" but I don't think I said it right. Also, I'd rather say I wish I could learn faster, but I don't even know where to begin.

Is this right? Is there a better way to say it?

Hayaku benkyo shitai desu.




Your attempt was close, but you basically said, "I want to study fast/soon."

You are probably trying to saying something more like the below:

Motto hayaku oboereba ii desu kedo... = If only I could remember faster...

Motto hayaku manabeba ii na = It would be nice if I could learn faster.

It's probably a new grammatical concept for you, but adding -ba + ii on the end of a verb is something like "I wish" in English. The -ba part is like saying "if verb [is done]."

For example:

Yoku yomeba, wakarimasu. If you read it well, you will understand.

It can seem a little tricky to conjugate at first, but here's an easy way to do it.

Let's use the verb for read, yomu.

yomu > yomimasu

To conjugate "can read" you move the mi up two hiragana characters to me. (The hiragana progression goes ma mi mu me mo). You do this same thing for any verb.

This gives us yomemasu.

Once you have the "can do" form of the verb, just drop the -masu and add -ba.

Seems like a lot to do, but just practice it with all the verbs you know and it will get easier in no time. Hope that helps!



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