How to say, "I want a" and "I want to" in Japanese?

Amelia Watson Amelia Watson (0) on 03/04/15

I looked up 'want' in google translate, but it only gave me a word 'hoshii'.

So how can I use this to say I want a [something] and I want to [do something]?



I want a .....

(noun ) ga hoshii desu.

( noun) wo kudasai = noun please

I want to .......

verb stem + tai desu

get verb stem by dropping masu.

ikimasu = go ikitai desu I want to go

kaimasu = I will buy kaitai desu I want yo buy



Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 05/04/15

Very helpful answer! Thanks for taking the time to explain the grammar behind it.

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