How to say, "How are you" in Spanish?

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 24/07/13

What are all the different ways to ask people, "How are you" in Spanish?

Please describe the situation I'd use each phrase. Thanks!



You can say:

1- ¿Cómo estás \ está? = How do you do? \ How are you? This expression is somewhat more formal than the following one. Note that "estás" is the form of the verb "estar" with "tu" = you, while "está" is the form of the same verb with "usted"= formal you (used normally with people who are older than you or those who you don't know well.

1- ¿Qué tal? = How are you doing? How is it going? And this one is more common between friends and people who you know well.

I hope it helps :)



Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 25/07/13

Thanks a lot, Ghadeer!

Estel·la Muñiz Estel·la Muñiz (0) on 20/09/13

You can also say "¿Cómo va?" and the translation is similar to "How is it going?". This is less formal and you should use it with close people.
¿Que hay? (literally, "what's there") or in the past: ¿Que hubo? are two very informal ways of asking how are you. It would be equivalent to asking "What's up?"



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