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Helly  Lucas Helly Lucas (1) on 19/07/13

I was trying to know how to say "vocabulary songs" in Japanese, so I went to Google Translate and it gave me "goi no uta" (語彙のうた) is it right? sounds "normal"? because i don't trust in translators. And what about "my mistakes" It is really "watashi no machigai"? (わたしのまちがい). can you help me understand it?



Hi Helly,

Good for you! A machine Translation is clever, but it gives us strange translations from time to time.

「語彙のうた」makes perfect sense, but it sounds a bit bookish. Both the words 'vocabulary' and 'song' are often used in a conversation; either ボキャブラリーソング or ボキャブラリーのうた can be used. And sounds a bit more natural to me.

We do say "watashi no machigai" as the meaning of "my mistakes".

If it was used in a conversation, I would also say "watashi no misu desu" (misu is short for mistake); "machigae chatta" (this is more casual, sounds like a girl talking); "machiageta" (also casual, unisex).

We often omit 'watashi' in a casual conversation.

Sample audio:

ボキャブラリーのうた (bokyaburary no uta: vocabulary song)

ボキャブラリーソング(bokyaburary songu: vocabulary song)

私のまちがい(watashi no machigai)

私のミスです(watashi no misu desu)

間違えちゃった(machigae chatta)




Helly  Lucas Helly Lucas (1) on 20/07/13

Thanks, Misako-san, I really appreciate your help.

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