How to differentiate between all the ways to say really, truly, and very?

Elizabeth Evans Elizabeth Evans (0) on 23/08/13

So one thing that is giving me trouble is all the ways to say really/truly/very.

I've found these:

  1. 참 - really, truly, very, so, very much, quite, extremely
  2. 무척 - very, really, extremely, exceedingly
  3. 굉장히 - so, very, extremely, immensely, greatly, terribly, awfully
  4. 아주 - very, so, extremely, exceedingly
  5. 정말 - really, truly, indeed

How do you differentiate between all of these? Can you use them all the same way?



너무 works like "too". But when we use this, it gives a negative impression, like the quality is too good it's bad.

"It's too big."

The fact that it is big is a bad thing.

"She's too pretty."

It makes it sound that her being pretty is a bad thing.




The most common are 진짜, 정말, 아주, and 너무, but other people (Korean native speakers) might disagree with me.



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