how to ask a guest to come to dinner table?

leila valipouri leila valipouri (0) on 14/07/13

When you have a guest and the food is ready and you want to invite her to the table, or when you want to insist the guest to eat more, what would you say? In informal situation, what would u say these? Also, I like to know what sentences we can use in this situation with little kids.



To my friend, I might just say:

"Why don't you come over to the table. Dinner's ready now (will be ready soon)."

"Feel free to help yourself to more. There's plenty."

To your own children, you might use a different tone than with other children. So for your children:

"It's dinner time. Come and get it. (Come sit down now.)"

"Why don't you eat a little more? I don't think you've had enough yet."



leila valipouri leila valipouri (0) on 20/07/13

Thanks Nate. You're my herooooooooo.

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