How do you say "to hold"?

I've seen so many translations for the word "to hold" that I don't know which one would be right for my purposes or which ones would be most common (and not outdated or rare).

The main meaning that one would think of is "to have or keep possession of something". For example, how do you translate:

- Can you hold my backpack for a second?

It can also be more specific and mean "to grasp or grip". Would there be a different way to translate this? For example, how would you translate the following:

- She held on to my hand really tightly.

- Hold the barbells like this.

- He held on to the cliff for dear life.

There's also a more general "to contain or store", so if you have time to translate this one as well, that'd be great! For example, how would you translate:

- This room can hold 10 people.

EDIT: Ah, there's one more! This definition is "to bind (someone) to a consequence of that person's actions." For example:

- I will hold you responsible to your actions.


抓住 zhua zhu



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