How do you say "catch sales" in English?

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 16/11/13

"catch sales" is a dangerous person who is standing on the street and speaks to random people. They deceive people and try to take them into a room, then threaten and make them buy strange and expensive things. Could you tell me how you call this kind of person in English?



In my English (of SE Pennsylvania) I'm not aware that we have a name for that kind of thief. Thankfully, I've never encountered anyone like that nor was I aware of the practice. Now that you've told me that such a practice exists, I'll keep more alert for it and the language used to talk about it.



Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 17/11/13

Mr. Richard Detwiler, thank you very much for your answer. I see, those people don't exist in the USA. They often appear in Japanese downtown.

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