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How do you say "Can you speak slower?" in Portuguese?

Mikhail Kotykhov Mikhail Kotykhov (0) on 15/06/15

How do you say these phrases (or similar) in Portuguese:

Can you speak a bit slower, please? (Formal)

A little slower, please (Informal)

Any related cultural tips are appreciated.

Can you also specify if your answer is for the Brazilian, European, or any other dialect variety of Portuguese?



A bit strange to have it in the infinitive form like that. I would say "Fale mais devagar, por favor."



Bruno Santos Bruno Santos (0) on 29/06/15

In Brazilian Portuguese, the first phrase, would be: "Você pode falar mais devagar?" but that could come off a little harsh (depending how you say it). If you say "Você pode falar um pouquinho mais devagar ?", the message still formal, but a little more polite. The second phrase: "Um pouco mais devagar por favor". But it's not really clear. Always use the second one.
Falar mais devagar, por favor.

That's a word for word translation of "speak more slowly, please" and my Portuguese is Brazilian.



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