How do you pronounce Sachertorte?

Misako Yoke Misako Yoke (1) on 19/07/14

My favorite German chocolate cake is Sachertorte, but I only know a "modified version" (for Japanese) - I'd like to know an authentic pronunciation. Danke!



I tried to record it for you, I hope it's easy to understand with all the Background noise :)

The guttural sound might be easier for you to make, if you try to copy the sound of a cat when it's doing the angry sound - know what I mean? :D



Misako Yoke Misako Yoke (1) on 29/08/14

An angry cat!!! Danke, Astrid, I love it! And thank you for the recording, yes, I'm practicing with you, thinking about an angry cat :)
This is quite hard: sa - cher - tor - te but the second syllable is a guttural sound in the throat. I don't have a microphone to show you unfortunately.



Misako Yoke Misako Yoke (1) on 21/07/14

Thanks Paul, I (kind of) know a guttural sound (it's hard for me!), so I think I can practice with your answer :) Danke!

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