How do I say, "Would you like to come with me?"

I think it should be something like:


Also, what are some ways a person might answer me? Are there any follow up questions I should ask or know about?


What you're saying is actually, "Please come with me."

The equivalent grammar in Japanese for "Would you..." is made by adding ませんか? (masen ka?) to the end of the verb.

So you can say: 一緒にパテイーに行きませんか?- Would you like to come to the party with me?

The person you're inviting might want to know more information like:

  • Where is it - どこでするんですか?
  • What day and from what time to what time - 何曜日(nan youbi) と何時(nanji) から何時まで?
  • About how many people will be there - 何人(nan nin) くらいが行きますか (ikimasu ka)?

Hope that helps!



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