(Fus7a/Syrian dialect) - How do I say: "I agree./I disagree./I sort of agree, but..."

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How do I (f.) say:

- "I agree."- "I disagree."- "I sort of agree, but..." (As in... you sort of agree, but not a 100%.)

REQUEST:If possible, please add both Arabic letters and the translitteration in Latin letters. I would appreciate it if you could also add an audio file to your answer if possible. (In fus7a, and if you happen to also be a native (!) speak from Syria: also in the Syrian dialect). Any help is much appreciated!



in urdu you will say

I am agree.

Main mutafiq hoon. OR میں متفق ھوں

I am not agree

Main mutafiq nahee hoon. میں متفق نھیں ھوں

A sort of but not 100%

Kuch kuch mutafiq hoon mahar soo fi sad nahe

کچھ کچھ متفق ھوں مگر سو فیصد نہین


Aana aawafiq انا اوافق

Aana la aawafiq انا لا اوافق

Anna lesato maya fi almaya tawafiq انا لیست مائی فی المائہ توافق



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Thank you for your answer.

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