(Fus7a/Syrian dialect) - How do I say: "Do you know what I heard today?"

Lily W Lily W (0) on 29/12/14

How do I say: "Do you know what I heard today?"

Example of usage:

- "Do you know what I heard today?"reply: "No, tell me!"

- "I heard that Jasmine is moving to the States."

REQUEST:If possible, please add both Arabic letters and the translitteration in Latin letters. I would appreciate it if you could also add an audio file to your answer if possible. (In fus7a, and if you happen to also be a native (!) speak from Syria: also in the Syrian dialect). Any help is much appreciated!



Hello Lily,

Well, I'm Egyptian and I'll try to help you as much as possible. The first phrase in Fus7a (بالفصحى):"Do you know what I heard today?" هل تعلم / تعلمين ماذا سمعت اليوم؟ Hal Ta'alam / Ta'lamin Maza Sam3t alyawm?

and i found this script on google translate (hal taelam / taelimin madha samiet alyawm?)

Reply: ( Alrrad - الرد ) " No, tell me!" لا، أخبرني /أخبريني la, akhberrni / akhberini .

"I heard that Jasmine is moving to the States.

(سمعت أن ياسمين ستنتقل إلى الولايات المتحدة)

samaet 'ann yasimin satantaqil 'iilaa alwilayat almuttahidati. "States", I hope you mean the USA! I hope that this response helps you properly. Good luck!P.S: I couldn't write this in the context, the sentences get mixed. So, I'll write it here.(مذكر- Masculine) تعلم Ta'lam - (مؤنث - Feminine ) تعلمين Ta'lamin ------ (مذكر- Masculine) أخبرني- Akhberrni ---- (مؤنث - Feminine ) أخبريني - Akhberini .



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