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Freunden or Freunde?

Becca Bailey Becca Bailey (0) on 06/04/19

Pretty self explanatory really... Is freunden even like... a word because my teacher has written it, but ive never seen it 



So-called "weak" masculine nouns take an -n ending when they're plural and in any case other than the nominative: 


(1): Dative, Plural
 "Ich bin gestern mit meinen Freunden gelaufen."
(I ran yesterday with my friends) 

(2): Nominative, Plural 
"Meine Freunde sind mit mir gestern gelaufen."
(My friends ran with me yesterday)

Deshalb hängt es vom Kontext ab, aber "Freunden" ist definitiv ein echtes Wort. (Therefore it depends on the context, but "Freunden" is definitely a real word.) 


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