Fome Po'

Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) on 17/12/14

What does this mean?

From the context, it seems like it means "I don't care".

Context (Chile): A man asks a woman if she prefers hypothetical man A or man B.A: El exitoso que es no...

B: Fome po'

A: Si es guapo...

B: Fome po'



Sorry this is still sitting here unanswered. And sorry I don't have an answer. A Google search suggests it's Chilean slang and not close enough to any standard or dialect Spanish that I've been exposed to for me to be able to guess what it means, either.

Po looks like it might be a word to end on or to give emphasis, likely related to "pues", in more standard Spanish or "pos" in some dialects.

Fome looks like it's used to mean something boring.

So, fome po, could be something like "Well, boring...", "Aburrido , pues", so basically what you said, "I don't care.", "I'm not interested.", "Not interesting.".



Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) on 02/02/15

Hey thanks! I'm a bit embarrassed that my googling skills failed me, but your explanations and links pretty much cleared things up! Thanks again.

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